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                深圳市精鉆智能制造嗡有限公司 about us



                現公司擁有自主研發的3A快速定位夾具系統、零點快速定位系統、球鎖快速裝夾系統、數控機床夾頭、導套及※各類非標工裝夾具、並為客戶量身定制柔性生產線 。公司研發的夾具產品使用簡∏單、卡盤重復定位精度高達0.002mm,助力客戶實現快速高效加工;歷經了長期市場破仙器實際使用檢驗,獲得客戶一致好評。


                公司擁有一批進口的先進生產與檢測設備,並配備恒溫的加工車間與檢測試驗室以保證測量精度要求。公司全面推行ISO9001國際質量管王品仙器兩件理體系以及ERP 系統管理,為生產高品質產品提供了強有力的保證。


                The company Profile

                ShenZhen  JingZuan Intelligent  Manufacturing  CO.,LTD was established in 2000,located in ShenZhen Special economic zone which is the Southern gate of China. We have a modern factory area of 6,000 ㎡. After 18 years of development we adhere to the business philosophy “customer first, quality first “.And design rapid positioning fixture system for mold electrode produce, mold parts making and precision accessories manufacturing We set up an enthusiastic quickly responsive pre-sales and after-sales team, sincerely provide you excellent service.

                Now company has independently developed 3A fast positioning JIG system, zero point system, ball lock shaft system, CNC machine collet chuck, guide sleeve, various non-standard JIG and offer customized flexible production lines for customers. The fixtures developed by our company are simple to use, with chuck positioning accuracy up to 0.002mm, help customers to achieve fast and efficient processing. After long-term practical test of market, it has won praise from customers.

                The company have many advanced production and measuring facilities, equipped with constant temperature processing workshop  and  testing laboratory to ensure measurement accuracy.  Our company fully implemented ISO9001 internal quality management system and ERP system management , It provides a strong guarantee for the production of high quality products.

                In the year of 2016. We cooperation with Wuhan EMan Software Technology Co., Ltd. they formed joint venture called Eman&Aone Robot Tech Co. LTD which provide fixture and automation solution to customer.  Company developed intelligent manufacturing production lines. CNC machining center, CNC lathe, EDM machining, coordinate measuring machine and etc multi-function at an organic whole,to realize unattended production and help you make wise factory.